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If you're interested in learning English online or in the privacy of your own home but aren't sure where to look, this directory is for you. There are many ways for you to study the English language and these links feature descriptions that will help you to decide what is best for you. Click here to go straight to the English Learning Directory - Speak English

In many countries around the world, learning the English language is usually through books or other written materials. This usually leads to people, who know English as a Second Language, being experts in English grammar, English punctuation and English spelling. This results in these learned people actually knowing more about how English is written than people who were born in an English speaking background!

The unfortunate thing about this is that people who are expert in the written language seldom develop the speaking English skills required to communicate effectively. Spoken English is extremely important for conversations as, no matter how many years you spend reading English text books, you'll never get the pronunciation right, or learn the idioms that make up most of spoken English.

This directory recognises that speaking English is more important than knowing how to write it. You'll find that many of the sites listed lean towards the spoken word rather than the grammatically correct word. After all, who is going to say the grammatically correct - "This is something up with which I will not put" (Versions of this quote were originally attributed to Winston Churchill, but later disputed.) They're more likely to say, "I'm not putting up with this."

The directory is a constant work in process and any help you can give in adding to it would be very much appreciated. If you have discovered a site that you feel fits our aims, please submit it.

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