Free English Language Clubs and Groups. Online forums, pub meetings and more.
English Language clubs and groups available online for free.
Join any of these to be able to communicate with other people learning English.

Real English This group helps English teachers develop useful courses for their students while utilising the Real English online video lessons.

English for Foreigners A Yahoo! group that helps with correcting English online - American English.

English Language Practice Another Yahoo! Group that have members that organise online chats for practicing speaking English.

E-Grammar Dedicated to English grammar. For teachers and students.

Belajar English Online group for people around the world who want to learn English. Belajar is Malasian and Indonesian for 'Learn' or 'Study'.

Synergy in Learning English English Language discussion group.

A-Foot-English-Rev Discussions for 'English as a Foreign Language' students. So if you're EFL or ESL this is a great group for you.

English as a Second Language Casual discussion to increase your English skills.

Learning English Focuses on the fun side of studying the English Language.

Speakoz Online English Language Communications and Discussions group. Occasional lessons posted, comments about updates to the Speakoz learning directory and more.

Speakoz Forum Visit the forum and discuss any problems you may be having with English.

English 50,000 visitors per month to this online forum. Join in discussions and ask English language study questions. Definitely worth a look.

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