General web sites featuring articles, features and resources in English

Many sites have kindly listed the speak English language learning directory prominently. So this page is for all those sites that have requested a link through our submit form but don't fit in any other category but are worth a mention, and those sites that have kindly linked to us and requested a return link.

Please note that we only list useful sites so, even though some of these may not be specifically about learning English, reading the articles or using the resources may help you increase your English knowledge in other ways.

Spoken Skills. If you're a teacher and would like to promote yourself to ESL organisations worldwide, create your profile here. If you need help with uploading your picture or adding your voice message, please contact James.

The Economist - Lots of well written, thought provoking articles.

Learn English in Hawaii - Hundreds of resource links for ESL Students / Teachers

Enfin - Directory of English search engines and directories

Dir-Search - Directory of Search Engines and web directories

Teach International Great system for learning to be a TESOL teacher.

Indonesia If your planning to go to Indonesia, check out the information on this site.

Travelogues This is a collection of travelogues and travel diaries from around the world. So if you'd like to know what actually happens when you travel, rather than what your travel agent tells you, this may help!

Holistic psychology Holistic psychology training can be found on this site. Learn more about this field and other fields when you browse this site. Holistic psychology distance learning can be found here.

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