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TESL TESOL TEFL - For ESL Teachers and Tutors

There are a lot of sites listed in the student categories that are also useful for teachers but this page will direct you to the main teacher's pages at Speakoz.

One on One - Our most popular page, features links to a large number of useful private and personal tutoring and teaching sites and lesson plans. The page also features links to simple discussion exercises created by the team at Speakoz.

Lesson Plans Online - If you are a TESOL or TEFOL teacher for a classroom then you'll be more interested in this list of sites.

Learn how to be a TESOL teacher - Just starting out? Want to know what ESL stands for, where to get training and materials, and what to expect? This is the page. Lots of links to sites that will show you how to be a TESOL teacher, or ones that offer in class and online courses.

Jobs for ESL Teachers - Changing jobs? Just got your TESOL certificate and need to find a job? This page lists online resources that make finding a job as an English language teacher easier. Links to job sites around the world.

Teacher's forums and discussion groups - This is the page you go to when you've got to teach a particular piece of grammar to your Japanese, Chinese or Korean students and are having trouble, or if your students are particularly rowdy and you need some advice. Discussion forums, bulletin boards and groups from all over the world.

If you'd prefer something a little more detailed and physical, you can find a list of books on teaching English here. If you've been a teacher for awhile and are looking to spread your wings a bit, you may wish to try teaching esl online. This page here will give you links to sites that already do it, plus some tips on how to start your own.

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