If you're looking to practice your IELTS speaking test online, you can practice your IELTS speaking test with James - IELTS tutor. Read below to find out more about how you can hire your IELTS tutor online.

Free IELTS-Style Speaking test is now closed

Thank you to everyone who submitted a request to be part of the Free IELTS Style Speaking test. Your assessments have been recorded and you can access your results online.

If you would like to practice the IELTS test at home on your Ipod, via itunes, or just using your computer, you can download an mp3 of all the questions here: IELTS

To use it, pause your player after every question and try to answer it with as much detail as you can.

This is just a guide and does not replace a real IELTS test which relies on your skills at answering questions based on comments that you have made!

Have fun!

The free online test is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

If you would like to hire a tutor to practice the IELTS spoken test with you via computer, you can contact James here.

Practice the IELTS speaking test online with James - your IELTS tutor.

Are you planning to go to Australia to study?

Do you plan to get permanent residency in Australia?

Are you applying for a job in Australia?

Then you'll probably have to do the IELTS exam!

There's plenty of material online for practicing the listening, writing and reading sections of the IELTS exam but, of course, not much on the speaking section.

So, you can take the IELTS-Style Speaking Preparation Test with James. Find out more at James' website:

English Tutor Sydney

All you need is Skype and a microphone and you can start. If you have already installed Skype, you can leave a voice message to James by clicking here to activate your Skype program.

Contact James now to book your online English test.

If you are looking for other IELTS preparation materials and resources then we strongly recommend that you check out this page at the English language Learning Resources Directory - Online IELTS Preparation resources

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