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This page is for information about IELTS essay examples. These are new essays written in the IELTS style and are here to give you an idea as to how you should write an IELTS essay. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and is designed to test the English communication ability of people who need to study or work where English is needed.

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The first essay is on a stoush between the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian Tourism Industry. This essay is not in specific IELTS writing style. It is more a simple generic writing style that would pass in a General IELTS exam but not in the Academic IELTS exam. For more information about IELTS please visit IELTS Practice Tests This essay would probably get a 7. Academic IELTS requires a more structured approach so this essay is more likely to get a 6 in the Academic test.

Recently British TV regulators banned the 'Where the bloody hell are you?' Australian tourism campaign. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Discuss this situation using your own knowledge and experience.

This years international tourism controversy revolved around a new marketing campaign from Tourism Australia. Tourism Australia launched a $180 million advertising campaign entitled “Where the bloody hell are you” targeted at Asia, USA and Europe (

The controversy was all in the use of the words “bloody”, and “hell” and caused Britain’s Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) to ban its showing on UK television.

There are both positive and negative implications of the campaign. “Where the bloody hell are you?” used wording that was viewed by conservatives as not suitable for children and offensive. Under BACC policy “bloody” is its 27th ranked most offensive word, in-between crap and god in descending order. The cheeky use of wording created extensive free publicity. Tourism Australia managing director Scott Morrison said the ban would only make the campaign a greater success and thanked the UK authorities for that.

The wording, according to Australian minister for tourism, Fiona Bailey, is simply Australian culture and as such is perfectly acceptable. Bailey claimed these words are standard Australian vocabulary that her children use and part of the Australian identity.

The UK public should appreciate the tone and wording in the advert. Bailey asserted that research has shown the British public would appreciate the cheeky brand of Australian Humour. The words, while being cheeky, are said in a friendly inviting way which is not offensive and the setting is visually stunning giving a peaceful ambiance. The ban has since been lifted after Bailey visited the UK, illustrating that the BACC agreed with her view that the public would find it amusing.

The ban only served to generate publicity and the BACC conservative policy aided this along. The outcome was good for Tourism Australia.

Copyright Charlotte Meyer
Some essay questions you can practice at home. IELTS essay questions tend to contain a bit more information as well as some more direction. Add 'to what extent do you agree or disagree' and 'using your own knowledge and experience' to every essay question you find and you'll be more in tune with writing for an IELTS exam.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the development of air travel.

Children should be studying rather than playing games. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Considering the theory that carbon emissions cause pollution, what are the advantages and disadvantages of reducing cars on our roads to combat it?

What are the positive and negative aspects of banning whaling worldwide?

Free trade agreements destroy jobs. Discuss.

While making our lives easier, computers have increased unemployment worldwide. Is this a positive or negative aspect and what should people do if this happens to them?

A global currency would be good for the world economy. Discuss.

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