Free online foreign language translation services and cheap software translation services
From these sites you can translate to and from many languages automatically, instantly, online, for free, or, if you're wanting something more accurate, low cost translation services are also offered.

Please note that it will be many years before there is a truly accurate online instant language translation service. The automatic services advise that they are just a guide only so that you may get the 'gist' of the meaning of a passage. If you're wanting something properly translated, you need to hire a human translator.

Not only can you translate text from English to Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish and back again, you can also type in a web site address and translate that too. Their Russian link only converts from Russian to English but not English to Russian.

World Lingo cover the same languages as AltaVista but they also cover Chinese Traditional, Dutch, Greek and Russian. An extra feature of World Lingo is the option to include a subject, making the resulting online foreign text translation a little bit more accurate.

Free Translation
Free Translation offer similar language translation services to AltaVista and World Lingo but they also translate Norwegian into English.

InterTran by Translation Experts
Our pick purely for the extra languages offered. As well as many of the ones above, Intertran allows you to translate text or websites from: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Filipino, Polish, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Welsh, Turkish and Latin into English. There are also additional translation options offered, including alternative translations for some of the words where the meanings may not be clear. Worth a visit.

If you're not wanting to visit any particular site, or just wish to translate a few words, bookmark this page. The author has assembled all the translation boxes from the foreign translation competitors sites into one page. Also some dictionary translations available.

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