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If you're an English teacher and run one-on-one private English conversation lessons then you may find these simple lesson plans useful. If you're a student planning to hire a teacher to practice your English then these are great topics you can practice discussing.

Following is a list of links to pages that contain great discussion topics as well as some lesson plans created by the team at Speakoz. For all English language ESL EFL TESOL TEFL TEFOL teachers, tutors and students.

Speak Oz Lesson plans
These are assorted exercises for use in one-on-one or private tutoring lessons. Some of them are quick comprehension exercises and others might take an hour or two to work through.

Literacy Net has some great CNN and CBS stories online, specifically designed for English learners. Interesting conversation topics as well as full and abridged news stories makes creating a lesson plan much easier.

http://st.n-junshin.ac.jp/Project/conversation/Inoue/ This page contains some interesting free online videos that can be useful in starting a conversation.

Speak Oz Articles
These are based on current topics and contain assorted jargon or controversial subjects to promote discussion in your tutoring lesson. Some articles are great for pronunciation practice. Others a good for teaching someone about a particular subject.

ESOL Home Tutors. This site features great downloadable pdfs for tutoring intermediate ESOL students. Teaching materials and resources.

Breaking News English. Click on a recent news item to see a selection of exercises for it. Ready-to-use ESL/EFL current affairs lessons. Graded news articles, audio and communicative activities uploaded daily.

English Current. Similar to Breaking News English but usually covering completely different stories.

English Club has a great page about Small Talk. It focuses on basic conversation starters as well as various topics for discussion. Worth a look.

The International Center has a short list of general but challenging conversation topics and questions. Very easy to adapt these topics for your own situation.

ITESLJ.org has a great page of topics with assorted questions to keep the lesson interesting. Also a quick teachers guide if you get stuck.

ESL Site has a great list of discussion lesson plans. These are designed for a classroom situation but can be easily adapted for a one-on-one tuition lesson.

Frontier College has great list of questionaire one-on-one lesson plans that can be read online or downloaded in pdf format. Especially useful is the Using the Telephone conversation lesson plan. Other plans have a Canadian focus but can be easily changed to suit your situation.

English Skills have a Reschedule an Appointment online lesson plan with audio that is very comprehensive.

One Stop English one to one lesson plans

Other guides
"Help. They don't speak English" - Escort

ESOL Starter Kit - Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center. Finance and Construction lesson plans.

English Conversation Partners Program pdf from Rutgers. Conversation topics lists. No longer on the site so this is a direct link to a pdf at archive.org

Become an English Language Conversation Tutor - This is a great pdf ebook that has steps, guides, advice and exercises for someone wanting to run their own business tutoring students. It would also be useful for current conversation tutors to get some more ideas. 

IELTS Speaking Practice Tests
This is a selection of speaking practice tests that you can play to your students, get ideas from or give them at the end of their lessons with you so that they've got something to practice at home. There are over 70 at the time of writing on Youtube.

Jobs for ESL Teachers - Teacher's forums and discussion groups
Teaching English online or by phone - IELTS Practice Tests