Online English language courses and lessons
If you're looking for sites that can help you learn English online, here's a list of some of the best.
Some require payment and some are free. If you're interested in distance education, or are happy learning English via your computer, this list will help!

Peak English
The premier English learning site online. Many online English Language courses available. Free email newsletters teaching vocabulary and idioms. Discussion groups, online teachers and many other resources. Even if you're not ready to pay for an online course, you can still sign up and receive their daily business English and daily slang emails which would help you to learn spoken vocabulary.

English Daily 626
Free online lessons and links to help you learn pronunciation, American Idioms, conversation and grammar.

English Page
Free online English lessons and TFL/EFL language resources.

English Online
Free English classes and exams online. Includes fun English language games

English Zone
Huge range of online references. Study sheets, free resources and more. Some resources require membership.

Linguarama Business English
An online interactive English language learning magazine with exercises to help you improve your business English. Free.

Focus English
Offers a variety of free online lessons including listening lessons.

BBC's world English site.
Plenty of lessons on current events and trends for students and teachers

Features hundreds of free online exercises. Lots of forums. Very text oriented.

Internet Picture Dictionary
Features pictures and words. Helps you learn English by association. Hundreds to choose from.

Easy English
Great site if you would like to test your English. Free online exams help you to master those grammar difficulties. You can choose various tests to suit your experience and all answers are given automatically online. Use as a guide only.

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