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TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication.
It measures your skill at using the English language in a work environment. TOEIC was developed by ETS, the Education Testing Service in the USA, on the request of the Japanese Ministry of International Trade in the 70s.

It is now used in over 60 countries.

Until recent times TOEIC was popular in Japan and South Korea, and a good TOEIC score usually meant obtaining a good job. Businesses in South Korea are now moving away from relying on the TOEIC score as it is now believed that it is not a good indicator of overall English skills. (See IELTS and PTE)

Useful Fee and Free TOEIC Preparation links

A Review of TOEIC. Comprehensive TOEIC explanation and examples

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Harry Potter TOEIC test! Just for fun!

4 Tests free TOEIC practice exam Choose the sections you want to practice.

ETS TOEIC tips from English Club

TOEIC sample questions via the English section of this Japanese site. Click on the 'sample questions'

Barron's TOEIC Practice Exams is the latest edition released April 2017
Find out more here: TOEIC Practice Exams

TOEIC Prep Resources

TOEIC Resources and Free Test! TOEIC Club

TOEIC: Presentation - Tips - Videos - TOEIC Tests

TOEIC Online Test (TOT)

Good Luck TOEIC - Advice, Tips, and Guides to taking the TOEIC Exam

For teachers
TOEIC game.

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