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Learn Spoken English by listening to tapes or CDs.
English Language Tapes and CDs. Learning to Speak English guides
You like to learn by listening.

Either on your cassette player at home or work, or in your car. And there are plenty of great audio study guides out there that will enable you to learn the English Language this way fast. Below are our favourites.

The American Accent Guide

Another cassette collection similar to Pronounce it Perfectly in English, but this one concentrates on teaching you to speak perfect American English. If you plan to be in America, this is invaluable for making sure people understand you. Click here for more details.

American Accent Training

This is my personal favourite based on the glowing reviews that I've read from other students. And when you've completed the CD and book exercises, you can actually organise to speak to the author if you have any problems!
Click here for more details.

American English Pronunciation Program:
For Speakers of English As a Second Language and Native Speakers With Strong Regional Accents

If you're wanting to correct your accent, this is one of the best. Contains 6 x 60 minute audio cassettes. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate or advanced student of English, or if you're trying to lessen a strong regional accent, the Living Language® American English Pronunciation Program is the key to better pronunciation. Click here for more details.

Delta's Key to the TOEFL tests.

If you've ever thought about sitting for the TOEFL Test (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) then this cassette collection is the one for you. Guides you in tips and tricks to get the most marks in your exam. If you're planning to immigrate to another country, this is great for testing yourself on your English skills. Especially with so many countries like Australia not letting anyone past customs if they fail. Click here for more details.

Pronounce it Perfectly in English
The ideal cassette tool for getting it right. If you can already speak English, but you're worried that people have difficulty understanding your accent, this audio cassette collection will help you to perfect your pronunciation. Click here for more details.

American English Pronunciation - It's No Good Unless You're Understood
Another cassette collection to help you. Teaches you how to speak with an American accent. Softcover text book with 5 audio cassettes. The course is an accent reduction program for international speakers of English. At the same time, it is rich in both formal and informal American expressions. And it contains exercises and cultural notes prompted, for the most part, by questions from students themselves. The program has been based on and proven successful during nine years of work with students from many countries. Click here for more details.

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