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Learn Spoken English with English College TV
Learning English online with English College TV
You love attending English language courses, reading English text books, watching English Language movies, studying and listening to English Language Learning tapes and more.
Learn Spoken English with cassettes, tapes and CDs
Learn the English Language with Books

Learning English Online is Easy with the Online English School!

Learn new vocabulary with pictures and sounds.  Your ESL English Tutor will help you to learn to speak English well.

Practice English language conversations and English communication skills with your virtual tutor. English College TV uses the special system of Natural Learning. Natural Learning is the English Teaching technique where English vocabulary and English grammar are taught by English conversations.

The words spoken are easy for you to understand and remember. The spelling and letters used are easy too.

English Language Learning Courses

You can repeat lessons many times. You can pause during the lesson or go back to a point that you want to hear or see again. Just like a video machine.

You can test yourself too. Test what you learn with the review lessons. Repeat the English lessons as many times as you want to.

English Lesson Plans

Watch your virtual tutor teach you on your screen with the help of his student. Simply follow his instructions and copy the English student too. This will help you to learn from every lesson.

Study notes are available for each lesson. You can download and print them to help you with your English studying. These notes describe what each lesson is about, the vocabulary that you will be taught and the conversations that you can practice.

English College TV online is perfect for:
· Business study
· Home Study
· Students and professionals
· Family and friends
· Holiday planners and travelers
· English Teachers and Tutors
· Parents and Children
· Anyone who is starting to study Basic English or needs to improve his or her English.

Very sorry but we've just had word that the English College TV site is down for awhile.
Not sure when it will be up again. We'll update this page as soon as we hear more news.

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