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Books are your favourite media for learning the English language. You probably already know that there are literally millions of books that would help you with English. Where do you start? This page lists a few books that may be helpful to you. Every site has a different recommendation but these are the ones recommended by SpeakOz. If you'd like to search for more, use the Amazon search box.

A year in the life of an ESL student.
Idioms and vocabulary you can't live without
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You love reading books in English that help you to learn the English Language, so here are a number of links to lists of books available for order online. Click on the subject that you most wish to know to get a list of books from Amazon.

Learn English - English Language Skills - English Tutor
English as a Second Language - English Books
Teach English - ESL and TESOL - Speak English - English Dictionaries

Here are some other recommended books:

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 2 Volume HB
Featuring over 500,000 English definitions in over 3,900 pages. This double volume tome contains most of the words that everyone uses with detailed definitions.
Click here for more information.

One of the barriers in communication is building up your vocabulary. Small dictionaries can help you get by but if you are really serious about learning English, or you plan to make a career in using the English Language, then your Dictionary of choice must be the Complete Oxford English Dictionary.

The dictionary is 20 volumes - over 22,000 pages - so it isn't for the faint hearted!

Unlike the Shorter Oxford, this dictionary came out in 1989 so it may be a bit out of date. To find out more about it, click here

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