Human International Academy Gold Coast, otherwise known as the Australian Language Institute is situated in the heart of Surfers Paradise, the Centre of the Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise is famous for its golden beaches, a huge choice of sporting and recreational activities, and great shopping!
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The Human International Academy offers:
General English
English for Academic Purposes
English & TOEIC Special
High School Preparation
Business Communication
Working Holiday Special *
IELTS Exam Preparation *
Internship Program *
Holiday / Study Tours *
* These courses are not accredited by NEAS and therefore not available to students on a Student Visa

The General English Course is for communication with native speakers for general, academic, work and travel purposes. Students are presented with a "Certificate of English Language and Communication" at the end of their course. All classes are taught by qualified and friendly teachers. 

Human International Academy can organise social and recreational activities and excursions for students. These include visits to tourist centres, theme parks, national parks, cinemas, sports activities, bush walks and beach parties. Some of these can be incorporated into the study program, while others are arranged for weekends or evenings, and help teachers and students to get to know each other well.

Students from all over the world study and learn the English language at the Human International Academy so not only will you be able to practice your English outside of class times, you should make lots of friends too!

The Human International Academy has competitive prices and is able to help you find the right course for you. Click here to find out more.

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