English Conversation and IELTS Speaking Practice by Skype
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You can practice English conversation and IELTS Speaking with James via Skype!

Hi. I'm James and I have been helping people improve their spoken English skills for over 8 years. I run a school in the city of Sydney and tutor English online. I would be happy to help you with your spoken English skills in a private lesson on Skype.

* IELTS speaking practice
* Business conversation English
* Pronunciation
* Idioms, slang, phrasal verbs
* Casual conversation
and much more

All you need is Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, a microphone and headphones, and an internet connection! 

Skype makes it easy to practice your English with me at almost any time. I have knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, so you can talk with me about anything!

If you wish to have an IELTS speaking practice test, I can help you with that too. I have more than 50 IELTS speaking practice tests to choose from!

If you don't already have Skype, you can download it here.

You can practice your English by Skype around the world.

My time is now:

Summer Time: 

If you'd like to arrange a lesson with me please email me here

In the comments section please include: 
* Your Skype login name
* Your email address
* And the Sydney time and date you would like me to call you (eg: 'Please call me at 10:00am Sydney time on 21/05/10')

(You can check the time here with this excellent International time calculator)

I will email you to confirm the time. After we've confirmed our appointment, you can pay online via Paypal.

Pay online via paypal here. Please choose the currency that you prefer.

  Pay in Australian dollars
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English conversation
1 hour Lesson
AU $46
US $40
Discounted Set Packages
IELTS Speaking Course
5 Lessons of 1 hour per lesson
Conversation Practice Course
5 Lessons of 1 hour per lesson
Business English Course
5 Lessons of 1 hour per lesson
AU $220
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AU $220
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AU $220
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Save Y100
Save Y100
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US $190
Save US $10
US $190
Save US $10
US $190
Save US $10

After your payment is confirmed I'll call you via Skype at the time we arranged.

I look forward to helping you practice your English. :)


*Service available in these areas:  Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Anguilla, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Practice your English speaking skills 
with James, your 
Private English Tutor


About James
1. Native English Speaker
2. 38 years old
3. 8 years experience teaching English as a Second Language.
4. Principal of Adult English School in Sydney
5. Click here to contact James

Ayako  -  Japan 
James is the best English teacher I have ever met. He can correct my English efficiently with giving me good advice. We demonstrated interviews in English and he pointed out useful ideas and techniques. It was very helpful. Thank you, James!

Jinny - Korea 
I was one of your students for a couple of months in 2004. I wanted to contact you earlier to say thank you but I have been so busy with my work since I came back to Korea. I remember I had fun studying with you and you were really a big help for me.
Thanks to studying English in Sydney, I could have a sort of competitive advantage in terms of getting a job. I have been working for a licensing company and one of my contact people is in Melbourne. It seems a bit late but I want to say thank you.

Wei Ė China 
James helped me improve my English so that I could get a job in Australia. He helped me to write my resume as well as advised me about what all the trick language in the classifieds job ads mean. When other circumstances have meant that Iíve had to change jobs, because of James advice I was able to get a new one. Iím very grateful to the help James has given me. 

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