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While thousands of websites around the world open every second, thousands close every second. 

Some of those simply close because they don't generate enough revenue to cover the hosting costs.

Others close because the owner no longer has time to maintain them.

In this section of the Speakoz website we've collected some closed websites that contain interesting reading material that can help you improve your English. 

We've got permission from the original owners to display their sites here. An eternal resting place! (Well, as long as the owner of Speakoz has time to maintain this website!)

Some of the pages have 'absolute' links so if you click on a link and it says 'not found' replace the first part of the main site address with http://www.speakoz.com/website-archive/ and it might help you find it. We're working on going through and updating the links in the pages but as there are several hundred pages it might take awhile!

The subjects are many and various. Regular reading of materials from a wide variety of sources will always help you to continue to improve your English.

We hope you enjoy these archived sites.


Adult English School | Jobs Director
English Store | IELTS Band 8 | Learn English | Study English | Australian English Course | Sydney Language and Culture Exchange Group

Aliens, UFOS and Esoteric
Channeling and Mediumship
Aliens UFOs | ICESS | Churchways
Noetic Sciences Forum | Big Bang Theories | Nostradamus | Spice Girls

Family and Work 
Tidy Bots | Trading Newbies | Beer Survey | Yowies

Huguenots | Heraldry | Scottish Soldiers | Bass High Reunion

Internet Marketing and Computers
Internet Marketing | Computer News

Travel Diaries | Travel Diaries Indonesia

More to be added soon.

We hope you find the links at Speakoz useful.
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