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We specialise in helping you with your English as a Second Language and IELTS skills in private lessons. 

We've been here providing private tuition to people around the world for over 10 years. 

Private English lessons take place in cafes around Sydney. 

All our tutors have a minimum of 5 years' experience and plenty of materials to help you improve your English.

As the personal assistant of our tutors we take care of all your emails and scheduling. Choose a tutor, send us an email via their personal form and we'll check schedules, arrange the lesson time and date, and email you writing homework if needed.

We look forward to helping you have a great lesson with your new tutor.

English and IELTS Tutors Sydney
Private English and IELTS Lessons and English Classes at cafes in Sydney
Prices start from $100 for a 2 hour lesson on a weekday.
Email us via this form to book a lesson with one of our private tutors at a cafe.
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If you're planning to do the General or Academic IELTS exam and aren't confident that you will pass it, we recommend hiring one of our private English tutors to help you with your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Please note that a tutor is for someone who needs to improve their English 3 to 6 months before the exam. You won't improve if you just have one week before your exam! You need to know how to write letters/graphs and essays, use higher level vocabulary, and be able to read and understand jargon filled articles. Now is the time to have a lesson. Tutors are available at various times depending on current bookings

All our Private English tutors are Native English Speakers with ABNs, are trained in teaching English pronunciation skills and IELTS, have TESOL or CELTA certificates, at least 5 years' private ESL and IELTS tutoring experience, and are very friendly!

All relevant materials supplied. Cash Only

These lessons are for private students only learning general English or IELTS. Cash only.

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I do say that the lessons with my tutor improved my English a lot. I was able to request of him whatever I'd like to study, without any hesitation, due to his professional, highly-developed attitude as an English tutor to the student. Every single time I asked him something which I wanted to study, he prepared some materials and subjects to use and talk in our lesson, along with my requests. Since I focused on studying spoken English, I could imagine that some of my requests were obviously beyond the range of most textbooks, but he always gave me useful examples and clear explanation, which enabled me to make my understanding ever so deeper.
Tamon - Japan
My tutor was very friendly and it was very useful that he accurately taught me the content that I requested. He explained with pictures and he taught in a way that beginners will be able to understand easily. I enjoyed his lessons every time so I recommend to you all to take his lesson. 
Atsuko - Japan
My tutor has been very helpful in assisting me resolve my strong English accent. His professional teaching methods are highly efficient. With a few weeks of practising English speaking with my tutor, my English speaking skill has been surprisingly improved. I would recommend him as a professional English teacher. Thank you!
Duk - Vietnam
I was one of your students for a couple of months in 2004. I wanted to contact you earlier to say thank you but I have been so busy with my work since I came back to Korea. I remember I had fun studying with you and you were really a big help for me. Thanks to studying English in Sydney, I could have a sort of competitive advantage in terms of getting a job. I have been working for a licensing company and one of my contact people is in Melbourne. It seems a bit late but I want to say thank you.
Jinny - Korea
I have learnt English from my tutor. He is a good English teacher. If you get a lesson from him, I believe you will improve your English faster. In my case, he corrected wrong expressions and pronunciation when I spoke English. Even though I learnt English with him for a short time, I could tell he is excellent at teaching English.
Jeon-Kwan - Korea
My tutor helped me improve my English so that I could get a job in Australia. He helped me to write my resume as well as advised me about what all the trick language in the classifieds job ads mean. When other circumstances have meant that Iíve had to change jobs, because of his advice I was able to get a new one. Iím very grateful to the help my tutor has given me.
Wei Ė China
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