Australian English Conversation Course online
Due to popular demand, download pdfs of the lessons and
watch excerpts from the Australian English Conversation Course online!
Learn spoken Aussie English at your own pace!

Do you find it hard to understand Australians?

Did you know that the Australian English language is very different to American or even British English?

In this course you'll learn Australian expressions, idioms, slang and popular phrases.

Learn how to understand the Australian accent!

Don't be shocked when you arrive in Australia and can't understand anyone!!!
Prepare yourself for your travels!

In this fun 6 lesson course of pdfs and videos you'll learn about spoken Australian English. 

If you don't have time for English Classes in a classroom, try out some Australian English Classes online!

* 6 pdfs
* 6 Bonus videos
* Australian dialogues and expressions
* Australian accent

All for just AU$19.95

Your $29.95 is for the pdfs which will be available for download after your payment is processed. When you click on the link that says 'return to _________' or something similar, it should take you to the download page. You'll also be able to view and download the videos from that page too. If you have any problems with downloading the files, please email the address that is in the body of your payment confirmation receipt that Paypal will email to you.

Step 1.
Pay online via Paypal
Step 2.
After payment, click the link and download the pdfs and videos.
Step 3.
Read, watch and learn!
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Launch in external player
If this video works for you then the videos on the site will also work for you!
Notes regarding the online version of the Australian English Conversation Course.
* The pdfs are between 6 and 12 pages long, depending on the lesson.
* Each of the video presentations are between 8 and 15 minutes long, depending on the lesson.
* You need the following to be able to watch the lessons online: A broadband connection, the latest internet browser, and Windows Media plug-ins installed. These videos have been tested on IE, Firefox and Chrome on a broadband connection, with no problems.
* If the video on this page plays for you then you should be able to watch the lessons. If it doesn't, you'll need to find someone who can play them for you, or you'll need to update your system yourself. If you cannot watch the videos then we're happy to provide a full refund.
* Free access to the video presentations is for 12 months! Plenty of time to learn Australian English!
Are you ready to begin?
Step 1.
Step 2.
Pdfs and links to the videos are emailed to you.
Step 3.
Read, watch and learn!
We hope you enjoy the Australian English Conversation Course

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