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Beer Survey Results 

Updated 1st January 1999
If you don't like beer surveys, check out the  selection of beer links! 

Hi, many of you may recall this neat little beer survey I launched a few months ago. After many hours of tabulating I finally got the results. 

And, would you believe, no one agreed on anything?! 

Those of you who were curious about why I asked a few Hahn Ice questions - I was doing a marketing project on Hahn Ice beer for a TAFE course! Unfortunately almost none of the respondents had even heard of Hahn Ice beer let alone been able to try it. Still, it opened my mind to the idea of all these different beers I'd never heard of. And isn't that the crux of learning?! 

Anyway, here are the results: 

What do you like most about beer?
The majority of you said taste. 

Where do you buy your beer?
Bottle Shops and Pubs. No one ticked (or admitted to) the 'mates' fridge one. 
Others included The Markets, System Bolaget, Grocery Stores and Supermarkets. 

What is your favourite beer? 
No one actually agreed here but these are some of the answers for favourite: 
*Liberty Ale 
*Paulaner Salvator 
*Lundgrens Lager 
*Bitburger Beer 
*Sierra Nevada 
*Celebration Ale 
*Miller Light in a Bottle 

What would you say would be the most popular beer drunk at a party in your area. (Include barbecues, watching the footy, parties held by parents of your new girlfriend/boyfriend) 
Well, once again no one agreed and I ended up with a list of beers I'd never heard of: 
*Samuel Adams 
*Red bud 
*Dry Ice Lite 
*Victoria Bitter 

What attracted you to your favourite beer?
Taste won again but someone did say "The reputation of Anchor Brewing Co." 

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Tom, of the Beer Mailing List, emailed me asking for a listing on this page. After going to his website and seeing the amount of information there I decided to give him top billing!
Go to his site first but don't forget to bookmark mine!
Beer Mailing List

The second site I want to mention is
The Cavendish Arms in Cumbria
Famous for its hospitality since the 16th Century. Worth a look if you're heading to the UK and are looking for a place that's renowned for its traditional cask ales!

Here is a list of Beer sites that I thought you might find interesting. This article first appeared in
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(The Beer Ring. Launch your search from here!)
(Promotions for home made beer - clubs!)
(Brad on beer. Reviews of different beers constantly updated) 

Some other sites
Plus hundreds more!!! 
And don't forget the newsgroup:

How many beers would you say you have per week? 
The answers varied across the board but the one with the greatest was 15-21, though someone did tick the over 49 per week line! 

What do you like to put in your beer? 
This had quite a few people flummoxed as it seemed to me it didn't occur to anyone to put anything in their beers. Heard of a shandy? Beer and Coke? Beer and a slice of lemon? Still, the answers were enlightening and amusing so I'm listing my favourites. 
*My tongue 
*My lips 
*My face 
*Stones Green Ginger Beer 
But, of course 'nothing' won. 

Have you ever tried Hahn Ice Beer. 
I got one yes. 

If you have, what did you think of it? 
A good brew 

What do you think could be improved about Hahn Ice? 

Now we get to the interesting personal questions! 
Only one person was in Australia, the rest were, of course, overseas. 

And the popular age of respondent was 21-25 and 41-50. 

I received two submissions of sites for the beer site list. Both of those came through garbled (my email submission system didn't like them or they were incorrect as I couldn't find a page with them) If you have a site that you'd like me to add to the list below, please email me! 

Thanks to all who helped out with the survey. And thanks for your patience in waiting for it to appear here! 

Hope you liked the list



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Then there's Pronet's Webstore Generator.
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Some books on beer to wet your appetite!

The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing
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Brew Ware:
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Other Links

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