A New Big Bang Theory
A New Big Bang Theory By Neil J Hogan
I will attempt to redefine our perception of the moment of the big bang with reference to superstrings, and explain why the paradox theory is a better explanation for the uneven inflation of the universe than quintessence theory or cosmological constant theory. Iíll also go on to say that the universe will not end as we perceive it.

Approximately 13-15 billion years ago the universe came into being Ė from our perspective. As linear beings living through time, we rely on the perception of something happening within a period of time in the past.

Measurements and predictions of the moment/time zero of the big bang involve discussions on matter and antimatter being formed, photons interchanging with each other and other concepts that rely on having time to describe them.

If, however, we remove time from the equation, and donít think about the estimates of within 0.0001 second of the Big Bang Ė ie there was no time to measure, no matter how small it was, that dimension just didnít exist, then we get a better picture of the big bang.

I will of course have to use tenses to describe a non time event as we live in linear time but bear with me.

At the moment of the big bang a vibrating superstring manifested. As space and time didnít exist, that string was immediately travelling at infinite velocity. As there was no time and it was travelling at infinite velocity, it immediately appeared next to itself again and again and again. From our perspective as we try to comprehend this within space/time, the string went back in time with itself over and over again an infinite number of times in non-time.

In an instant there were an infinite number of strings. As each string appeared it interacted with another string creating a type of matter. As more and more copies of itself appeared it turned into forms of matter and antimatter that annihilated each other but, as billions of versions of itself kept appearing, the ones that survived were there to replicate to give more matter than antimatter.

Massive amounts of energy were being created in this instant as matter interchanged, coalesced, exploded, broke apart, changed, transmuted and repeated and during this moment the 3 dimensions of space were created leading to inflation.

Photons, neutrons and electrons continued to come into existence as the infinite speed of the superstring continued to create and recreate itself. It was everywhere at once transmuting into everything at once and creating the universe at once.

From this instant soup of particles made up of infinite numbers of the same superstring, a repellent force came into being. A paradox energy. Suddenly the dimension of time existed, (along with 6 other dimensions according to current superstring theory) and the superstring was no longer at infinite speed. It was still travelling close to infinite speed and was now crossing its own timeline, still replicating but this time with even more exotic matter as time allowed for entropy, cooling and other processes that didnít exist at time zero. Larger, heavier elements came into being and the universe as we know it began to form. This explains where all the matter came from.

While most agree that the overwhelming evidence points to a big bang and an inflationary universe, an agreeable explanation has yet to be found as to why the universe continues to inflate as it does.

I believe this has to do with a repulsive energy that superstrings have against themselves. As every string is the same string, every particle is made up of versions of the same string, and so every part of matter is really same matter, it is likely that there is a minute repellent nature in existence due to the existence of time. As time is different at different speeds and in different places in the universe, so it can be seen that the speed of matter rushing away from each other is repelled at different rates. I propose that the string is actually repelling itself due to the paradox it has created within the universe by being everywhere at once, which Iíll refer to here as paradox energy. 

As each superstring vibrates with another version of itself, the difference in ages of itself will create an energy that results in a slight repulsive force. Perhaps not enough to visibly push a superstring away from another superstring, but enough for the vacuum between galaxies to exert a push against the more dense matter around it.

So no dark matter or dark energy or any other energy would be required. The superstrings themselves would cause this energy purely by existing.

Unfortunately it would not be possible to measure this force as it would operate back and forth through time. As the superstrings are all the same and originally existed outside of what we now know as space time, the energy may be operating in one of the other dimensions formed at the beginning of the universe and, may not be tied to the 4 dimensional space time that we generally observe. Itís possible some of the energy required to push galaxies apart is actually coming from the future or outside of space/time altogether.

The paradox energy would fluctuate depending on the age of each superstring. With an infinite number of superstrings across space/time this most definitely is not likely to be a constant energy so it would not work with the cosmological constant. Also, it is not like quintessence theory, which suggests that dark energy became repulsive awhile after the big bang and will result in the eventual collapse of the universe, as paradox energy would be everywhere and fluctuate through time and not eventually lead to universe death as we currently perceive it.

Further to this theory I postulate that paradox energy would keep the universe inflating forever Ė insofar as forever exists Ė until a point where there is no longer any paradox energy inflating the universe. When paradox energy is exhausted, time would cease and the universe would simple cease in an instant. The superstring would return to being just one string.

A string at infinite speedÖ

I hope you found this new theory interesting. Thank you for reading.

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