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Welcome to Channeling and Mediumship.

The links above will give you enough material to last you this lifetime. If you'd like more then we suggest you become a channeler yourself. 

This site is has been developed due to the nature of reality changing. 100 years ago it would have taken two years of study, meditation and following other disciplines to raise your vibration level to the point where you could contact your higher mind, contact your guides, and longer to become a vocal channel.

Now that the vibrational level of the consciousness of Earth has raised to a sufficient number, just about anyone can become a trance channel in just 3 days.

With so many people now able to become vocal channelers, how will this affect the consciousness of the planet?

What is going to happen in the future? 

What changes will we expect?

This page features answers to some standard questions. More detailed questions should be asked of channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does channeling work?
Having an understanding of the process will enable you to better discern the best channelers for your questions.

Firstly, the channelers takes themselves into a meditative state. Older channels may take longer. 15 minutes to 30 minutes to get into the right state is not uncommon. Younger channels may throw themselves straight into the channeling state by speaking in the channeled entities voice before fully connecting. (A channeled state is one where the channel is raising their vibrational level and the entity coming through is lowering their vibrational level so that there is a match. By pretending to be the entity initially younger channels are quickly able to make a real connection)

Secondly the channeler, once a connection has been made, may start receiving images or words and will need to interpret them. For many it's like speaking in your sleep but telling everyone about what you're dreaming. So an experienced channeler will have more ability to interpret the images and symbols than a new channeler, so asking specific questions or repeating questions in different ways will help new channelers clarify the information.

For example: Channeler 1 may receive the image of some wavy lines. Being an environmentalist (having the belief system filter of an environmentalist)  the channeler may say "I'm getting the idea of a beach. I see waves going up and down. Are you planning a trip somewhere?"
Channeler 2 may receive the image of some wavy lines. Being an electrical engineer, the channeler may say "I'm getting the idea of some interference. Do you find something is blocking you or preventing you from doing something you want?"
Channeler 3 may receive the image of some wavy lines. Being an expert in extraterrestrial symbols the channeler may say "I'm getting the idea you may have a connection with an alien command force or possibly some Sirian or Pleiadian energy. I'm also seeing a reflection of a crop circle image. What meetings with extraterrestrials do you remember?"

This is why you should find a channeler that resonates with you and answers your questions in ways you understand. Try a few different ones to find one you like. If you can't find one you like you might need to channel yourself.

Channeling works best when someone is there to ask questions. It gets the mind to reach out along the interdimensional wavelengths and find the answers to the questions asked. It's much harder for the channelers to pull information through without the help of others.

NB: It is unlikely experienced channels will ever say 'um', 'ah', 'er', 'I think' etc. An experienced channel is confident in his or her answers and will just fall silent if an answer is not forthcoming or give an official pause such as 'one moment' or 'please wait' or something like that while they wait for the next symbol, image, concept or download to come through.

A lot of mysticism and fear has been created around the idea of a channeler or medium over the past few centuries. Know that anyone can do this, anyone can be taught this and you can channel a guide, spirit, entity, higher self or other being for the betterment of mankind. There is nothing mysterious about this whatsoever. 

If you've heard of Christianity and are aware of the holy spirit, you'll know that devout Christians also already channel. They channel the holy spirit daily! Also the bible is partly a channeled text featuring holy spirit inspired teachings. So, current society is already heavily influenced by channeling.

And with 2012 being the year of change and transmutation, you'll find hundreds of thousands of people taking up the ability to channel. It's the next thing for humanity. 


Our frequently asked questions below should answer any questions you might have on vocal trance channeling.

Frequently Asked Questions continued

What is channeling and mediumship? What is vocal trance channeling?

Like any word or phrase, definitions will fluctuate. Currently channeling generally refers to bringing through ideas and information from your higher mind, your subconscious, another entity, other's higher minds or any other external source. 

To be more accurate, you channel. Everyone channels in some way. When you're in a state of absolute joy and doing something creative you are channeling. It is a hightened state that enables you to bring forth more creative things.

Mediumship is more specifically the ability to bring through a recently diseased entity or an ascended master. The reason for this is, for many people, accepting the idea of the spirit of someone being around after they've died is big enough. The idea that the spirit might actually be an extraterrestrial or multidimensional being or even some form of conscious energy of the universe is a lot more than many people can accept, so mediumship usually focuses only on the spirit realm. Mediumship involves a channeler speaking the thoughts of a deceased person.

Vocal Trance Channeling is the same as mediumship except that there isn't the more restrictive definition associated. Basically it covers anything. Channeling aliens, animals, deceased spirits, energy beings, future selves, the consciousness of planets, stars and galaxies. The consciousness of ribbons of energy that permeate the universe and thousands of other possibilities.

What is a vocal trance channel?
A vocal trance channel is someone who allows themselves to be a biological receiver and receive messages through their brains for instant delivery to anyone listening. A channel is basically an interdimensional telephone. (Spirits and entities don't use radio waves!)

Is it dangerous?
We attract to ourselves that which is in vibrational alignment with our personality. So if we have fears and doubts or are very angry about something, then we will attract entities who have similiar states to communicate through us. If, which is more often the case, we are filled with light and love and want to meet an entity to help others in this world, then it is very unlikely it will be dangerous. If you're still unsure you need to read a book on channeling as there are some techniques you can use if you're unsure of doing it. We recommend Opening to Channel.

What about automatic writing? Is that just as good as trance channeling?
They're simply two different waysof doing it. As anyone channeling entities or spirits knows, it's possible to influence the result with your belief system. Most channelers receive the information they need to speak about as images and their interpretation, their filtering of the information through their belief systems will shape the information as it comes out. So, automatic writing has a stronger filtering than vocal trance channeling as there's more chance of influence from the writer. Vocal trance channeling does not give the speaker as much time to influence the message. 

Also, vocal trance channeling usually involves more than one person. The channel and the questioner. The role of the person asking the questions is to assist the channeled entity in staying focused on answering the questioner's questions. In automatic writing, there is a greater chance of the belief system of the person doing the channeling getting in the way of giving an accurate answer as they are doing it without others to guide their answers.

NB: When any kind of fear is involved in an automatic writing message, there must be a strong influence of the unconscious belief systems of the channeler during the translation of the message. Spirits and entities would not normally give messages of doom and gloom or focus on negative situations unless the channeler desires it or the channeler interprets the answers as doom and gloom.

How can I know whether the person I'm paying to channel information for me is legitimate.
If you're sensitive to changes in energy you'll feel the energy of the room change temperature. If you're not that sensitive then you should use your intuition and discernment.

Such things as detailed information that only you could know (not vague information that could apply to anyone) or information that does not sound like it could come from a human being (like how to build a spaceship or assemble a system that creates unlimited energy for eg) or even specific predictions of the future that come true. As well as this, answers will resonate with you.

The 'not as good' channels (though this is just an opinion and some will say these are better as it resonates with them) are channels that give fear based, negative information. You should not feel fear or anxiety from any channeled message. Either the entity coming through is not a high guide or the channeler has a fear based filter. Either way, find a happier channel.

NB: When we say fear based we're talking in general prediction terms about what's going to happen to the planet or how much we're being controled etc. If a channeler talks about sinking land masses, asteroids hitting the Earth, mass destruction, manipulation of our lives etc then find another channel, unless you really want to hear this stuff. You create your reality so if you want mass destruction or illuminati you'll shift to a reality where it happens. Choose a happy world instead!

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