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Welcome to Church Ways, the completely free site that is here for Christians who either don't like going to church on weekends or cannot go to church due to work, health or other reasons.

Tune in to us every week for new sermons and news on what churches are doing world wide.

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Tune in and hook up with other Christians around the world for free who follow the same morals and ethics that you do.

We're always adding new things so please drop by regularly. Don't forget to add churchways.com to your bookmarks.

Church Ways does not discriminate between Christian religions. Church Ways is a multidenominational site that believes that everyone who believes in Christ and the Holy Bible has something in common. It doesn't matter whether you're Baptist, Protestant, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic or one of the other 350 World Wide Ways to reach Christ, you're welcome here!

As Christ loves everyone, even if you don't believe in Christ, you're welcome here too. Find out what we do and what we believe. Even if you decide that Christ is not for you at this time, we thank you for taking the time to visit us.

And, don't forget, this site is absolutely free.

Speaking of which, download the entire Holy Bible from this site.

This is the King James Version of the Bible and is in pdf format.

Free download of the KJV bible here


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