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Thank you for your interest in our service.

ICESS has been established to offer a support network for non-Terran visitors and those Terrans who have a strong relationship with aliens already.

If you are interested in helping our interstellar neighbours explore Terran society or wish to offer help with teaching our language and culture to extraterrestrials, please join us. We're a new service so we're looking for people to help form a committee and contribute their knowledge, time and wisdom to help aliens enjoy our society and culture.

At last count there are over 60 main interplanetary, interstellar and interdimensional races that visit Earth and may need our assistance that we're aware of and an average of 20 that are already here observing and making first contact. In this galaxy alone there are over 67 million intelligent races at various levels of development. There is even one on a planet circling Barnard's Star currently at a 'renaissance' level of development which we will probably visit in a few decades.

If you have the right mindset and are willing to meet some of our EBE neighbours, take them around your town and welcome them into your lives, please join ICESS.

Please note that we wait for them to contact us so we can't guarantee a time, day or location that you will be able to have contact with aliens. Being on the list is a good start and our alien friends will be aware of this the second you contact us.

We're looking for like-minded individuals to be civilian ambassadors and help guide our service to be the best on Earth.

Membership is free. 

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Below: Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka.

An extraterrestrial from the planet Sassani who has been in contact with us since the 1980s. He has given us a number of technological plans, higher consciousness guidance, medical and psychological cures and techniques, and predictions based on the energy he reads at the time. He predicted in 1997 that New York would be attacked in 2001. In this video he discusses disclosure, the official release of the confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrials and aliens and the end of the interstellar quarantine in December 2012.

We will soon be featuring an announcement by Bashar directed at the American Government to encourage them to make the decision to release the information about extraterrestrials before the interstellar quarantine is over. After the interstellar quarantine is over, the people will have the power to decide whether the knowledge of extraterrestrials can be officially confirmed and extraterrestrials would be happy to make their presence known based on the collective consciousness and readiness of the entire planet. Before this time only governments can decide, so it is best for governments to release the information in their own way while they are still in the position to do so. 
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