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IELTS band 7 and 8 are one of the hardest goals to reach when doing the IELTS Academic test or the IELTS General exam.

I assume you already know what the IELTS exam is and you've probably even been to an IELTS preparation course or an IELTS seminar.

You're probably wondering how you can get to your target of IELTS band 7 or target of IELTS band 8 quickly and easily. Actually, that's not possible. There's a lot of hard work involved and most of that involves vocabulary building. There are no quick tricks to getting a score of 7 or a score of 8 in every section, or even just an overall band score of 7 or an overall band score of 8.

The IELTS Speaking Test

Here is a video example of an IELTS speaking test. This Youtube IELTS video example test was conducted by the Principal of Adult English School and his Personal Assistant Rae. Rae scored 7 in her IELTS exam.

In the IELTS speaking test, if you’re aiming for band 5 then your level of vocabulary is probably intermediate. If your target is band 7 then you must have advanced level vocabulary and should expect to use jargon  -  words specific to an industry.

A band 5 speaker might say.

 “Australia has a lot of money at the moment and so everyone can spend more on houses." 

A band 7 speaker might say

 “Australia’s economic position is quite superior, in comparison to other countries' economies. As a result, more of the population is investing in property.”

Can you see the difference?

So even if you could somehow memorise the answers to previous IELTS tests in the hope of getting an IELTS score of 7, you're not going to pass the speaking part if you don't know the vocabulary.

Here are some speaking practice videos for you. Listen to the question, pause the video, practice answering it, then continue to the next question.

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