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Noetic Sciences Forum
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Welcome to the Noetic Sciences Forum. If you haven't heard of Noetic Sciences before, here is a brief overview.

Noetic Sciences is the umbrella term for a wide range of investigative studies on the affect of the human mind on the world around us. Scientifically our minds change the world on a quantum level. Religiously we affect the health and wellbeing of those around us through prayer. 

This science has been around for decades but it has only begun to be recognised in mainstream circles in recent years. Highly recommended media include What the Bleep Do We know? , Down the Rabbit Hole, The Secret and Beyond the Secret, The Opus, The Moses Code and more recently The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

Join the Noetic Sciences Forum and discuss with Noetic Scientists, Noetic thinkers and other Noetics about how you can influence the world around you. Enter here

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