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Studying English is one of the hardest things you can do when English is a second or foreign language to you.
Firstly there is the fact that English is not logical. The grammar rules are really just a guide and there are exceptions everywhere. It is rare to find someone who speaks using only grammar rules, and some grammar rules change from decade to decade anyway. If you plan to study grammar, remember that native English speakers don't speak like a text book!

If you plan to continue studying English you need to relax and accept a number of facts about English. A lot of the time, when you say "But why?" a teacher is going to say "Just because!" Have you heard of collocations? If you ask a teacher why you have to say 'time flies' and not 'time speeds' he or she is likely to tell you that it is 'just because!' - because some things have been said that way for centuries and there isn't a particular rule you can study to learn it.

If you study English in conversations and study English in writing you'll find that different English is used. There is formal, informal and casual English. There's also newspaper English where everything is written in the present tense with words omitted, and advertising English where words are used to make double meanings or words are created to sell something. What about words like 'unworry' or 'recessionista'? They're not in your dictionary.

And what about all the synonyms for just one word? Should we say that something stops us or impedes us? And what about future perfect continuous tense? Why does it exist? Should we use it? "By 2010 I will have been using future continuous tense for 30 years. " Completely useless information unless you plan to teach academic English.

Then there are all the idioms, slang, phrasal verbs and other expressions that native English speakers take for granted but usually can't be found in dictionaries or translation devices. "It's a dog eat dog world in this cut throat industry but I don't plan to jump ship until I've got my golden parachute."

But guess what. It's not all hard. The hardest thing is doing all this by yourself. What you need is a private tutor. We have a number of private English language tutors and teachers that you can study English with. They can help you with these things above as well as other things like pronunciation, accent reduction, punctuation, essay writing, letter writing, resume writing and more. Our tutors adapt and change their lessons to fit what you need so you choose it and we'll find a teacher who can help you with it. IELTS, EAP, TOEIC, TOEFL and other exam preparation is possible too.

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