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Hi. Have you reached a point in your life when you've realised that working the standard 9-5 job just doesn't cut it anymore? Time to do some reading! The articles at Trading Newbies may give you some food for thought. As a trading newbie myself I'm only just finding out about short selling, property wholesaling and forex. To be honest I'm completely blown away by it all. These are things that have the potential to earn you a lot of money without you investing much to start with. In some cases they produce money from nothing. If you think about it, when you work 9 to 5, you're producing money from nothing, so why not do it a quicker way?

I've started a long term program of improving my financial IQ and Emotional IQ through reading copious amounts of financial literacy related articles and books as well as watching video seminars and webinars. Once I'm at a level I feel comfortable I'll then be joining workshops and entrepreneurial organisations to work further on it. The goal is to be able to talk like an expert within 6 months!

Speaking of which, the articles on this site have been written by experts in their chosen fields. If you want to save some time, use the search box at the bottom. If you've got hours to kill, visit the articles on this page first, then choose the 'recent article menus' links to find out more. Have fun!

Forex Trading
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Online Marketing versus Forex trading
Forex Trading
Benefits of Forex Trading
What to look for in a Forex training program
Forex Trading: Great opportunity or scam?
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What's the .382 Fibonacci ratio in Forex Trading?
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Forex and Day Trading

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E-Currency Exchange Trading
Is Trading E-Currency a legitimate business?
E-currency Exchange Trading

Stock Market
Day Trading - The ultimate work from home job
All about the Stock Market
Stock Trading Plan
The New World Currency
Stock Market Investment Plan
Stock Market Simulation Games
Renewable energy stocks

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The articles on Trading Newbies will do the best to answer the following questions:

What is Forex trading online?
Why is the stock market popular with investment advisors?
How do I do online stock trading?
How do I invest online?
How do I buy stocks online?
Where can I get insurance for investment property?
How do I buy shares online?
How can I trade penny stocks?
Where can I find an investment advisor?
Is online share trading easy?

Make money with no investment
How much investment is enough?
Invest Now for Dividends Later
Angel investors
Investing in New Zealand
Investing in Nanotechnology

Emotions: A Trader's Worst Enemy
Financial Trading
10 Golden Rules of Trading
Win in Futures Trading

How to get a good real estate deal and not lose your shirt
Buy Property for Free
Finance your Real Estate Investment Properties
Buying beach houses in New Zealand
Overseas Property Investment
Find investment properties
Wholesaling Properties - Create money from nothing!
Foreclosure home deals
Homebuilder securities
Homebuilder stocks
Homebuilder recon
Investment property parts 1 & 2
Negative gearing negatives
Real estate foreclosure risk
The real estate boom
Finance your real-estate investment properties
Real estate in Spain
Industrial income property financing

Boost your Income with Financial Spread Betting
A completely new way to get rich rapidly
Alternative retirement income options
Alternative venture finance such as federal grants
Twenty six blue chips
Asset management team
Noetic Sciences

Disclaimer: Trading online always carries risks. Some trading may even lose you more than the amount you invested.
Being informed reduces the risk so read everything you can on trading, stocks, shares, forex (fx), options, short sells,
property investment and more before attempting your first investment.
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