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(And the amount of $$$ I've spent on my collection means that is completely beyond doubt!)

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If you don't wish to join the ring, you can add your site to the Yowie link list above. The links don't get as much traffic as the ring but it is an easier option if you prefer not to mess around with html codes. :)

The Original Yowie Webring!

The Yowie Webring has undergone some dramatic changes,
since Yahoo bought it and added lots of horrible java. 
Thankfully another company has now bought it (Jan 2002) and allows html again! 

Click here to see more sites, or join up and get the code.

If you are already part of the ring, please update the code on your page.

Copy and paste this link into your browser address bar, substituting 'number' with your Yowie ring member number. This will enable you to login and get the correct code for your site or, at the very least, apply for your password.
(You can find your number in your yowie ring code)


Feel free to rewrite the code as you see fit as long as you regularly test it to make sure you're rewriting it in a way that is acceptable to the automatic code sensing software at webring. (There is a testing facility within the ring when you login)

The code is set up to automatically show the Yowie Ring Code Logo on your web page, but it is accessing the image from my site. When you put the code on your site, make sure that you've saved the logo image to your page. Not only will this mean faster loading for anyone viewing your page but it would also save me $s on download fees! (If you don't want to use the logo, feel free to change that part of the code, or design your own.)

There are some suggested html codes you can rewrite here.

Many thanks in advance for joining.

If you have any problems that the webring help file can't fix for you, feel free to email me.
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